Management Systems

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Management Systems

  • Total Quality Philosophy
  • Sustainable Development
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Environmental Protection


Based on Total Quality Philosophy, we commit to:

  • Set secular and stable relations on mutual trust with our customers, agencies and suppliers as recognizing them as business partners,
  • Provide customized supply chain solutions to our customers by continuously improving our processes to exceed their expectations,
  • Ensure our services customized to our customers and products needs with optimum costs by a holistic framework working on a common basis,
  • Use our resources efficiently and effectively during our operations,
  • Reinforce our employees development with planned actions in line with their requirements and improve their competencies,
  • Reach our targets as a team by internalizing team work,
  • Manage our management systems in line with the related standards’ requirements and provide necessary resources,
  • To conduct our operations in line with the national and international legislations and standards as well as ethical rules,
  • Provide all necessary resources which are required in terms of social, environmental and H&S


As EvoLog Logistics, by recognizing our role for Sustainable Development, we commit to;

  • Set Health & Safety and Environmental Awareness as a manner for life,
  • Plan necessary precautions to eliminate or mitigate the risks which materializes or can materialize during our operations with “Zero Occupational Accident” attitude,
  • Believing that all accidents can be prevented, form a positive Health & Safety culture with the active participation of all employees,
  • Reduce natural resources consumption to a minimum level,
  • Avoid waste from our operations as much as possible, provide opportunities for reusability, and ensuring the disposal of waste that cannot be avoided in a way which does not harm the environment,
  • Audit the integrated management system and its activities continuously and keep it open to related parties access,
  • Monitor our Health & Safety and Environmental performance and continuously improve with the participation of our employees,
  • Manage integrated management systems requirements in line with the standards and providing all necessary resources to realize this,
  • To conduct our operations in line with the national and international legislations and standards for Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection.

General Manager

We deal with Health & Safety

and Environmental Awareness

as a way of life.